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be Vital


​​What is be.Vital?

WRHS’s be.Vital Health Science Careers Academy is an academic pathway structured to help students become career and college ready. The academic pathway offers comprehensive courses designed to increase a student’s knowledge of employment opportunities, employability requirements, subject area knowledge and skills, and educational resources required to pursue a career in the healthcare or health science field.

be.Vital Certification and Graduation Recognition Requirements

In order for students to be recognized as a completer for the academy, they must meet the following requirements below.

  1. Introductory Courses: Complete (ALL) with a C or higher.
  • Biology
  • Introduction to Health Sciences* (Delta College credit with a grade of a B or higher)
  • Computers in Health Careers
  1. Intermediate Courses: Complete (ALL) with a C- or higher.
  • Chemistry
  • Intermediate Health Careers** (Delta College credit with a grade of a B or higher) OR Intermediate Kinesiology***
  • Anatomy and Physiology
  1. Advanced Courses (Capstones): Complete a minimum of 1 of the following courses with a C or higher.
  • Advanced Health Careers* (Class offered at Lathrop High School) (prerequisites, Introduction to Health Sciences and Intermediate Health Careers or Intermediate Kinesiology)
  • Advanced Kinesiology** (prerequisites; Introduction to Health Sciences and Intermediate Kinesiology or Intermediate Health Sciences)
  1. Supplemental Courses: Complete a minimum of 1 of the following courses with a C or higher:
  • Medical English III
  • Medical English IV
  • Psychology
  • AP Psychology
  1. HOSA: Future Health Professionals: Be an active member with the Weston Ranch HOSA chapter on campus, a student organization offering leadership and academic opportunities for members. (This is a separate organization from be.Vital); requires a minimum of 2 years (one year must be senior year) a.
  • Requires attendance of one of two HOSA meetings offered each month from your HOSA chapter.
  • Attendance and participation in one of the following leadership conferences per year.
    • be.Vital Leadership Conference (when available & free to students)
    • Area Leadership Conference (free to students)
    • HOSA State Leadership Conference (Price varies by location and number of students in attendance. Typical cost is $350 to $450 per student)
    • HOSA International Leadership Conference (Price varies by location and number of students attending. Similar to SLCs above)
  • Participation in HOSA requires a yearly membership fee of $25 (fundraising available to help pay this fee).
  1. Work Experience: Complete a minimum of 20 hours of community service or medical job shadowing. Hours must be completed in the medical field. At least half of these hours must be completed during your junior and/or senior year

HOSA: Future Health Professionals associated program

be.Vital is proud to integrate HOSA, a career technical student organization on the Weston Ranch campus. This chapter is run by passionate student members that seek leadership, medical skill, and career enriching activities. Students involved in this chapter are given the opportunity to attend college field trips and leadership development conferences with many like-minded student from across the region, state, and even the United States.