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Visual Arts

Weston Ranch at Stockton Arts Show

The Visual Arts Program at Weston Ranch High School offers an inspiring and dynamic experience for students passionate about creativity and self-expression. Within this program, we have three distinct pathways:

CTE Graphic Design and Photography: Students delve into the exciting world of visual communication, where they learn graphic design principles and photography techniques. From layout design to digital imaging, students gain practical skills to create compelling visuals for various purposes. Classes in this program include: CTE Introduction to Digital Photography and Design, CTE Advanced Digital Photography and Design, CTE Advanced Graphic Design, and AP Digital Photography and Design. The instructor for this program is Mr. Windschitl. 

Ceramics: Our Ceramics program celebrates the art of working with clay. Students explore both traditional and contemporary techniques, including hand-building and wheel-throwing. They craft functional pottery, sculptures, and decorative pieces while mastering the properties of clay. Classes in this program include Introduction and Advanced Ceramics. The instructor for this program is Mr. Klaiber. 

Fine Arts: The Fine Arts program encompasses a rich array of disciplines. Students engage in drawing, painting, and other expressive forms, nurturing their creativity and artistic vision. Classes in this program include Introduction to Art and Advanced Art. Classes are taught by Ms. Dietrich. 

At Weston Ranch, we believe that art is a powerful vehicle for personal growth and community enrichment. Join us on this creative journey!

Weston Ranch High School has a highly competitive arts program. 

SJCOE Best of the Best Winners

  • 2023 - Celeste Salazar
  • 2023 - Joel Javillonar 

Art Show Results